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Aaron N. Sandvig

The frequently misquoted phrase, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one,” describes well my approach to life. As an avid learner, I have undertaken many pursuits and hobbies in my life: brewing beer and cider; gardening; baking naturally-leavened sourdough bread; conducting all sorts of home improvement projects from “good enough” dryer repairs to painstakingly detailed kitchen cabinet makeovers; dabbling in ancient Japanese wood preservation techniques; and even raising a couple little girls with my wife. Every time I’ve undertaken another of these pursuits, there’s an iterative process of researching the basics, trying it out, reading and researching some more, implementing my new-learned ideas, and so on. With time and experience, I’ve concluded that every single problem can be tackled one piece and one challenge at a time.

I apply this approach with clients: distill their problem down into its most basic parts and start to build a solution one piece at a time. Doing so allows me to understand more than just the “legal problems” and really bore down into what motivates and drives my clients. With this information, I can craft solutions that fit their particular needs. No two problems are identical, and every situation demands a uniquely tailored solution.


Before joining Rinke Noonan in 2019, Aaron practiced law in South Dakota.



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