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Meet our Billing Team at Rinke Noonan

Author: Melissa Fransen, Marketing

Over the last several months, we’ve been giving you an inside glimpse of our law firm through interviews with team members across the firm. Today, I’d like to introduce you to our billing team!

First, meet Allie Davis. Allie joined Rinke Noonan in 2019 as a Scanner. A year into her role, a Billing Clerk/Specialist position was posted and Allie was interested. Allie was promoted into this role at the firm. Allie’s background prior to Rinke Noonan includes various retail and customer service roles.   

Next, meet Joan Schleper. Joan joined our firm in February of 2021 and just celebrated her one-year anniversary at the firm. Joan’s background includes Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Billing. She has also held a variety of Customer Service roles that have included proofreading and quoting, so Joan has a natural knack for details.

A Day in the Life on the Billing Team at Rinke Noonan

I sat down with Allie and Joan to learn more about their roles as a Billing Clerk/Specialist. A “Day in the Life” in their role includes the following:

  • Client phone calls
  • Email requests from Attorneys, Paralegals, and Secretaries
  • Assisting clients with credit card payments (If you are a client, did you know that you can pay your bills online through our online payment portal? Check it out here:
  • Processing and applying payments to client accounts
  • Entering new client information and keeping contact information current
  • Editing Prebills & generating invoices

At the end of each month, our billing team is involved with month-end processes of time entries, prebills, and more. A fun fact is that our team processes over 775 invoices each month!

Favorite Parts of Their Role

When I asked Allie and Joan about their favorite parts of their role, they both mentioned that there is always room to grow in their positions with continuous learning opportunities in their field. They both enjoy the variety in their work each day and the challenge of continually becoming more efficient through enhanced processes within their team.     

Working at Rinke Noonan

I asked Allie and Joan about what they enjoy about working at Rinke Noonan. Their answers were the following:

  • Our people at the firm
  • Benefits
  • Flex-time opportunities for schedules

Thank you, Allie and Joan, for your work each day at the firm and giving us a glimpse into your roles. You are appreciated!

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