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Can I get my firearm rights back after losing them due to a conviction in Minnesota?

December 4, 2020

If your firearm rights have been revoked for a violation of Minnesota law, there is a process to request that your rights be restored. Under Minnesota law, a person convicted of a Crime of Violence, which […]

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Who Is Responsible For a Road Culvert That Is Holding Back Water In North Dakota

September 24, 2020

Property damage and crop loss caused by the ponding of water detained by undersized culverts is a common problem in North Dakota. The ND Department of Transportation, county commissioners, and township supervisors often find themselves both […]

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Will I Lose Government Benefits If I Receive a Personal Injury Settlement?

August 28, 2020

How to Avoid Losing Government Benefits when Receiving a Personal Injury Settlement Government benefits provide much-needed assistance to low-income and/or disabled individuals and their families. Unfortunately, eligibility for certain government benefits (e.g. Medicaid and/or SSI, but […]

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Does the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Affect Your Business?

July 27, 2020

The Supreme Court of Minnesota recently upheld the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time Ordinance, holding that (1) state law does not preempt the Ordinance and (2) that it may apply to employers located outside of Minneapolis […]


Are My Tenants Required to Wear a Face Mask?

July 24, 2020

On July 22, 2020 Governor Walz mandated that masks must be worn at all times while in indoor businesses and indoor public settings. This effects all Minnesotans especially those who own or manage multi-unit dwellings. In […]


Eviction Moratorium Update for Minnesota

July 16, 2020

On July 14, 2020 Governor Walz issued Executive Order 20-79. This new Executive Order made some minor changes to the previous Executive Orders which placed a moratorium on evictions due to COVID-19. Its changes will take effect […]


How Does a Breathalyzer Work?

July 8, 2020

Many people know how a breathalyzer is used but very few people understand the science behind it. Alcohol is not immediately digested upon consumption and it maintains its chemical composition once in the bloodstream. As blood […]


What Is An Ignition Interlock?

July 8, 2020

A factor that goes along with DWI’s that most people are unaware of is the use of the interlock and what that could mean for their driving habits in the coming months or years after the […]

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How Do I Choose a Guardian For My Children?

June 17, 2020

It has always been important for parents with a child under the age of 18 to choose a guardian for their child in case of their untimely passing, however now, in the midst of COVID-19, the […]


Can I Get Unemployment Insurance if I’m Self-Employed?

May 5, 2020

If you’re self-employed and out of work, don’t despair yet! You may still be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Typically, to qualify for unemployment benefits, you would have to show that you earned a certain amount […]