2021 Highlights: An Interview with our Director of Operations Ann Entenmann

Author: Melissa Fransen, Marketing

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on this past year. With that in mind, I interviewed Ann Entenmann, our Director of Operations and a Rinke Noonan employee of 19 years, to learn more about what she is most proud of as we look back at 2021.

Q: Ann, thank you for taking the time to reflect back on 2021. When you think through these last 12 months, what are some things that you are most proud of at Rinke Noonan?

When I think back to the last year, the thing I am most proud of is our people at Rinke Noonan. We have an incredible team and that is why I have worked for Rinke Noonan for as long as I have. It’s a great feeling to come to work each day and genuinely enjoy spending time with the people you work with.  I am proud of how everyone works as a team to make sure our clients’ needs are met.  It has been another tough year; however, we really have a resilient team that cares about each other.

Q: I know you and I have had the opportunity to attend a number of events together in the community this year. One thing I’m really proud of is the fact that Rinke Noonan continues to be a huge supporter of the central MN community. What are a couple of things that stand out to you from this year?

Yes, I agree. Rinke Noonan is a huge supporter of our local community and I really appreciate the fact that it’s important to our owners to give back to our community. A couple of recent things from 2021 that stand out to me include making cards for residents of a local nursing home and a donation we did to a local shelter for basic necessities for their residents. I also had the opportunity to staff a number of booths that we’ve had for local events, as well as enjoy music for events we’ve sponsored in the community.  

Q: Ann, I know you lead a number of initiatives at Rinke Noonan, one of which is the Social Committee. I know the Social Committee has come up with creative ways for the team at Rinke Noonan to stay connected in 2021. Tell me more…

We recently started an internal newsletter for our Rinke Noonan employees so we can all stay more closely connected to all of the great things we have going on at the firm. With some of our team working remotely, we’ve had to come up with other creative ways to stay connected and to adapt the way we celebrate. Some examples of things we’ve done this year include virtual bingo games with our team and an outside picnic this summer.

Q: With continued growth of the firm, I know we have 14 team members that joined the firm in 2021. Tell me what you think makes Rinke Noonan an employer of choice in the central MN community.

We take a lot of pride in the benefits we offer our employees. From the excellent health insurance (100% paid for our employees) to our 401k/Profit Sharing plan, we offer an extremely competitive benefits package to our employees. We also offer a flexible atmosphere for a great work/life balance and a culture that supports teamwork and opportunities for growth.   

Q: I know we are currently recruiting for a number of positions. Tell me more about the positions we are looking to hire and what you’ve enjoyed most about being a part of the Rinke Noonan team for these last 19 years.

Yes, we are currently recruiting for a number of attorney positions, along with a couple of paralegal positions. You can check out our careers page for the listings and the full job descriptions: https://www.rinkenoonan.com/careers/.

In addition to the current positions we are hiring for, we are always on the lookout for talent so if you believe you can make a difference at our firm, we invite you to send your cover letter and resume to humanresources@rinkenoonan.com.

What I’ve enjoyed most about my last 19 years is the people I work with. I have made incredible friendships over the years and I truly enjoy being a part of the team at Rinke Noonan.  The work is challenging and exciting and I really have enjoyed the past 19 years.  They say “time flies when you are having fun.”  I can’t believe it will be 20 years this coming July.

Q: As we go into 2022, what are you looking forward to the most?

I look forward to continuing to work for a firm that is dedicated to serving our clients and supporting our community. I also look forward to activities from our social committee. Most importantly, I look forward to continuing to work for our great team and I look forward to another year of success.  

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