A Day in the Life of a Legal Secretary at Rinke Noonan

Author: Melissa Fransen, Marketing

Our attorneys at Rinke Noonan are supported by a legal staff consisting of Legal Secretaries, Legal Technicians, and Paralegals. I had the opportunity to interview two of our fantastic Legal Secretaries to learn about them, their roles, and what they enjoy about being a part of our Rinke Noonan team.

Patty Catlin

First, meet Patty Catlin. Patty is one of our Legal Secretaries within our Corporate/Business Law team. Patty has worked at Rinke Noonan for over 30 years and she has an incredible wealth of knowledge and dedication to our team.

A typical day for Patty can include checking emails, drafting/preparing/ proofreading/formatting legal documents, redlining/comparing documents, dictations, preparing for closings, file management, and much more. Her favorite part about her role is the variety of projects she gets to work on and seeing many of those projects materialize in the community.  She also really enjoys the people at Rinke Noonan.

Patty always knew she wanted to work in the legal field. She went to school at Alexandria Tech for their Legal program and soon after completing school, she interviewed with Rinke Noonan and was offered a position here. Over 30 years later, Patty is still enjoying her role and enjoys being a part of our Rinke Noonan team!

Cathy Theis

Next, meet Cathy Theis. Cathy has also worked at Rinke Noonan for over 30 years. Cathy works with our Environmental and Municipal Law attorneys and paralegals.

A typical day for Cathy can include creating documents, proofreading/editing documents, working with spreadsheets, mapping locations, and file management. Cathy also has a lot of variety in her day and she shared that she truly enjoys working with our team members at Rinke Noonan.   

Prior to starting at Rinke Noonan, Cathy worked for a local County Courthouse. She gained an interest in the legal field through that role and went back to school for a legal program prior to joining the Rinke Noonan team. Fast forward 30 years, and Cathy is still enjoying her role at Rinke Noonan and says that she genuinely enjoys the work.   


My favorite part of the interview, besides the opportunity to get to know Patty and Cathy better was hearing about stories that each of them shared about Rinke Noonan and memories made throughout the years. From team sledding adventures to baking cakes for team member’s birthdays, to helping each other out through life’s transitions, there is certainly something very special about the comradery amongst the team. (Here is a fun fact I looked up about our team – 12% of our team has worked here for over 30 years and 20% have worked here over 20 years!)

Our Legal Secretaries at Rinke Noonan play an instrumental role on our legal team and they are the “behind the scenes” engines that keep everything running smoothly for the rest of the legal team. Thank you, Patty and Cathy, for taking time to give me insight into your roles and for taking the time to be interviewed.

If you are interested in learning more about a career at Rinke Noonan or are interested in becoming a client, reach out to us!  

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