Do I have to sue my friend if I am injured on their property?

Most homeowners policies have personal liability coverage so that if someone gets hurt on your property, the injured person may be able to make a claim on that policy for the costs of their medical bills and other injury-related expenses.  It does not mean you will have to “sue” your friend or make a friendship feel uncomfortable over an injury on a friend’s property.  This is why personal liability coverage exists.  Here is an example.  Jack invites Jane over for a barbeque and to see the progress on his landscaping project.  As Jane arrives and is walking up Jack’s driveway, she falls into a hole, left uncovered by Jack, who had taken a break from his landscape project.  The fall causes an injury to Jane’s leg.  Jane is taken to urgent care where, after an x-ray, it is determined she has a broken tibia.  As a result, Jane will need a cast and will be off work for several weeks.  Thankfully, Jack has a personal liability policy.  It will not only cover Jane’s medical expenses, but will cover her lost wages while she is off work.  Both Jack and Jane are thankful for this coverage.

Don’t hesitate to bring a claim if you are injured and incur expenses on someone else’s property.  Homeowners coverage is designed to cover these types of claims and is one of the reasons homeowners pay the annual premium for this coverage.

Here at Rinke Noonan, we handle these claims and make sure if you are injured on property belonging to someone else, that the insurance covering those premises cover your losses.  Please reach out to us if you ever find yourself in this situation or know of someone who has questions on this type of claim.

Tonya T. Hinkemeyer
Written by: Tonya Hinkemeyer, Attorney at Rinke Noonan

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