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Meet our Receptionist Kristie

If you’ve ever called or stopped in to visit us at Rinke Noonan, more than likely, you’ve had the opportunity to meet Kristie. Kristie plays an extremely important role at Rinke Noonan, as she handles the majority of our incoming calls/inquiries and truly provides a world-class experience for our clients and guests. We understand that calling a law firm can be intimidating if you haven’t ever worked with an attorney before, since everyone comes to us under different circumstances. Kristie ensures you are taken care of from the first time you call to the last with her warm personality and professionalism.

Here are a few fun facts about Kristie:

  • She started with Rinke Noonan in 1989
  • Her favorite part about her role at Rinke Noonan is sharing a few laughs, getting to know new and current clients, and the great feeling she gets when she is able to help someone
  • She LOVES chickens
  • She loves to laugh (and make others laugh, which she does on a daily basis. She is hilarious)
  • Family is extremely important to Kristie and outside of work, the majority of her free time is spent with family
  • She loves fashion and is often the envy of the third floor with her clearance finds
  • If you need a joke or “pun,” she is fantastic at putting these together

If you are interested in learning more about Rinke Noonan, reach out to us or give Kristie a call today.


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