Criminal Defense Attorneys

When facing arrest or other serious consequences, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience, commitment, and a prominent reputation with Minnesota courts. Choosing the right criminal defense attorneys can drastically affect the outcome of your case. A great attorney investigates the facts, applies the law, advocates for you in court, and can negotiate with prosecutors when needed. Our attorneys will fight relentlessly for your rights. Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you will be convicted of a crime. The attorneys at Rinke Noonan have a deep knowledge of the law and your constitutional rights. Both affect the outcome of your case.

Protect Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the criminal defense attorneys at Rinke Noonan have the knowledge, compassion, and persistence to fairly represent your interests in a court of law. Our criminal defense attorneys take a personalized approach to each case. We seek to understand every detail of your case and provide you with the best defenses.


Experienced in Misdemeanors and Felonies

We represent clients passionately when they are accused of or charged with a crime. Our firm has several experienced lawyers available, whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or felony.


Let Rinke Noonan Represent You

By aiming for dropped charges or reduced sentences, our criminal defense attorneys focus on helping you move forward. This dedication ensures that a criminal charge doesn’t decide your future.


“Thank you for making it such a smooth and easy process. I appreciated all your help, and I wanted to again say thank you so much.”         ~ R.C., Stearns County, MN