Rinke Noonan has become a state leader in environmental law, and our environmental attorneys represent a number of watershed districts, county governments, agribusinesses and individuals in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota in water, drainage, and other environmental law issues.

Environmental concerns now affect every transaction dealing with real estate development or financing. Our environmental law attorneys are recognized statewide for their experience and expertise and regularly deal with legal issues related to:

  • Storm Water
  • Solid waste
  • Water quality
  • Wetlands
  • Land Reclamation
  • Landfills
  • Drainage
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Other environmental concerns

We assist and guide clients throughout the States of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin with permit requirements, land purchases, rezoning for landfills, ditch and drainage projects, and wetland restoration and credits. We represent numerous watershed districts and deal extensively in condemnation proceedings.


Environmental Law Key Concepts

Water Law & Drainage

Our attorneys are known statewide for their expertise in issues related to agricultural drainage, wetlands and water law. There is no substitute for experience in this area of law. As drainage and water law draws closer scrutiny from public and private organizations, it is imperative that drainage authorities apply the law correctly. Our attorneys can assure that the goals of public drainage and environmental laws are met, while minimizing the cost and risk of error to the drainage authority or other public body.

Rinke Noonan annually conducts a widely respected educational forum for governmental leaders, contractors, bankers, and others on Minnesota environmental and water law. We represent government and citizens in a variety of major litigation involving water and drainage issues. We have handled cases in federal and state courts, and Minnesota appellate courts. We represent a large group of landowners in the Devils Lake, North Dakota, controversy. We regularly appear before the Board of Water and Soil Resources, the EPA, the Corps of Engineers and the Department of Natural Resources. In litigation with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, we handled the leading case establishing the scope of the public drainage exemption under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.