Can I sue if I tripped on the sidewalk?

Do I have a case if I slipped on a sidewalk?

If a property owner is negligent for maintaining an unsafe sidewalk and you trip and fall and you are injured as a result of the fall, you may have a personal injury claim.  In Minnesota, a premises owner is under a legal obligation to keep and maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for use to all who enter or exit the premises.

All property owners (both private homeowners and business owners) must use reasonable care to prevent a person from being injured by conditions on their property.   Slip and fall accidents are common claims in Minnesota.  There are a variety of factors which could be considered negligent.  These factors may include foreign substances being left on the on the floor, unmarked uneven surfaces, holes on a walking surface, defects of a floor or stairway, snow and or ice that was not properly cleared after a weather event.

If you are injured through no fault of your own, you may have a claim.  Rinke Noonan is firmly committed to helping injured victims recover money for their loss, which may include but are not limited to medical expenses, wage loss, emotional distress, as well as pain and suffering.  Contact Rinke Noonan for a free consultation.

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