In the unfortunate event of a personal injury or accident, victims often face a great deal of physical pain and emotional distress. During such a difficult time, your focus should be on your medical treatment. All too often, it turns toward other matters such as medical bills, insurance coverage, and property damage. Loss of wages and lost earning capacity only add to the mental and emotional burden. An experienced and professional personal injury attorney can help you manage these issues, allowing you to return your attention to what matters most after an injury: healing both physically and emotionally.

Protecting Your Rights with a Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, receiving fair compensation for an injury or death can be an exceptionally complex process—one only made more difficult by the possible trauma following an accident. Whether you’ve experienced a car accident or an injury on the job, a law firm specializing in personal injuries can help you manage the legal aftermath.

The accident attorneys at Rinke Noonan Law Firm are here to protect your legal rights. Located in St. Cloud, our personal injury attorneys are experienced, compassionate, and responsive professionals. From navigating paperwork and compiling evidence, to negotiating with insurance companies and representing you during trial, we’re ready to help guide you through the legal process following your accident.


Types of Personal Injury Claims

No-Fault Automotive Claims

Your auto insurance company pays no-fault benefits. If injured, you are entitled to payment for the following regardless of who was at fault:

  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulance
  • Medical treatment (includes x-rays, surgery, etc.)
  • Prescription medication
  • Non-prescription medication
  • Bandages
  • Hospital bed
  • Mileage to and from medical appointments
  • Payment of lost wages
  • Replacement services, such as reimbursement for house cleaning and lawn services




Automobile Liability Claims

Parties injured in an automobile accident must meet one of the following thresholds before they can bring a liability claim against the at-fault driver:

  • $4,000.00 in medical expenses, excluding diagnostic testing such as X-rays, MRIs or CT scans
  • 60 days of total disability
  • Permanent scarring
  • Permanent disability
  • Death




Other Personal Injury Cases

Rinke Noonan Law Firm also offers counsel for other personal injury cases. These cases cover people who were injured in situations not limited to automobile accidents. You might seek legal counsel for the following:

  • Injury as a Pedestrian
  • Bicycle Crashes
  • ATV or Boating Accidents
  • Farm and Home Accidents
  • Dog Bite Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Defective Products
  • Wrongful Death
  • Dram Shop

Seeking Compensation with for Personal Injury

Finding an Advocate for You

Receiving fair compensation for an injury or death can be complex. Whether you’ve experienced a car accident or an injury on someone else’s premises, a personal injury attorney can help you manage the legal aftermath. Rinke Noonan will provide legal counsel and advocate for you, so you can receive compensation that aids your path to recovery.


Work Quickly with Rinke Noonan

After an injury, it’s important to meet with a lawyer as soon as possible. The faster you consult with a personal injury law firm and provide documentation of your accident, the more likely you are to be awarded compensation.


Personal Injury Attorneys in St. Cloud

There are two aspects of an automobile personal injury claim in Minnesota: no-fault and liability. No-fault benefits cover your own medical bills if you are injured, regardless of who is at fault. Liability coverage only pays out, however, if you can prove the other party was at fault. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you with no-fault or liability claims while you recover from your accident.