Rinke Noonan’s agricultural law attorneys recognize the increasing complexity of regulations and legal issues confronted by Midwest farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses in today’s constantly evolving agricultural environment. Whether your farm business needs transactional assistance, litigation representation, or you want to plan for your operation’s future continued success, our attorneys bring experience and expertise to the table to protect your interests in every aspect.

Our agriculture lawyers have experience in legal issues affecting the farming and ranching industries. In representing our clients, we have dealt with agriculture law issues around the use of pesticides, zoning and land use, watershed issues, and seed patents. In addition, our agricultural law clients range from small family farms to large commercial farming operations.


Agricultural Law Key Concepts

Business Planning

Farms and agribusinesses are becoming larger and more complex. In order to thrive in an increasingly competitive climate, farmers and ranchers must continually adapt their operation to keep pace with a dynamic agricultural environment. Rinke Noonan works carefully with their clients to fully understand their vision for the family farm operation, including their values and principles. Our attorneys understand the unique challenges and opportunities encountered by agriculture today and use that knowledge in drafting operating and lease agreements, contracts, arranging land acquisitions and sales, and determining whether organizing into a formal business structure better accomplishes the client’s present and future goals.

Succession & Estate Planning

Rinke Noonan has years of experience in helping families plan for future generations and the continued success of their farm and business operations. Our attorneys pay close attention to their client’s goals and counsel clients in planning for their retirement, healthcare, and other elder needs. We understand the importance of dealing with heirs fairly, protecting assets, and preserving the “family farm” for the next generation. We work frequently with farmers in planning the transition of their operation to their children or in selling their operation to non-family member in an orderly and efficient manner, understanding the importance of not disturbing the farm’s daily operations.

Drainage & Wetlands

Rinke Noonan is recognized as a Midwest leader in handling agricultural issues related to drainage and water law. Our experience encompasses all aspects of agricultural drainage issues, from transactional work related to drainage easements and agreements, to litigation over drainage obstruction or damage, to obtaining local, state, and federal drainage permits and navigating complex water and wetland regulations at the local, state, and federal levels.

USDA and Conservation Easements

Our attorneys take pride in their ability to decipher complex regulatory schemes that control the actions of governmental agencies and regulate our farming and ranching clients. Our experience in handling administrative hearings and appeals through the National Appeals Division of the USDA for adverse decisions affecting participants in federal farm programs have proven the immense value of understanding agency operations and their regulatory frameworks. We also offer vast experience in mediation, arbitration, and litigation over disputes relating to crop damage and insurance as well as federal conservation easements and programs.